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Transformational coaching with John Dashfield

Most coaching programmes are based upon theory. They give you tools, tips and techniques to help you cope better. Often you are given even more to think about when what will really help you at the very deepest level is having far less on your mind.

One of the most chronic problems for people today is over-thinking.

Our programmes are based upon fact. There are clear, universal principles that are 180 degrees from the mainstream conventional wisdom. These principles form the foundation of what we do and they create huge, genuine and lasting transformation.

When you know how to tap into the unlimited capacity of your mind you have everything you need to thrive, not just cope.

‘John has really helped change my thinking, increased my confidence and reduced my anxiety. I feel anything is achievable and feel that John has improved not only my business life but personal life as well. Highly, highly recommended!’  Geoff Buckland

What are just some of the outcomes can you expect?

Being at your very best far more of the time
Accomplishing more of what really matters to you, in less time and with none of the stress
Connect with people in deeper and more meaningful ways
Becoming more influential
Bouncing back quickly from setbacks
Have clear, insightful thinking and better decision making
Experiencing high levels of well-being, enjoyment and satisfaction

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