Why I do what I do

I began to get really curious about how the human mind works in my early twenties. Maybe this was because I had experienced some very challenging years in my teens.

My dad died when I was 14 years old and a couple of years later I was involved in a serious road accident that caused me to spend over 3 months in hospital and another 18 months hobbling around until my body repaired itself.

Whilst in hospital I began to suffer from panic attacks which seemed to show up randomly and were really frightening.

I continued to have them for a couple of years but I clearly remember having a realisation about what was going on and they stopped, or rather I no longer feared them and they faded away.

My realisation was that the panic attacks were my thinking and that thinking is transient. So, when I felt that horrible rush of fear I didn’t fight it. I just allowed the thinking to pass and I would quickly return to presence and calmness.

I realised that our mental well-being is innate and immediately available to all of us. No matter what we have experienced or are experiencing, we are all ok.

My interest in the human mind and how we get the best out of ourselves continued but I got side-tracked for about 25 years!

I innocently read, listened to and absorbed what other people were telling me and I went down a road of misunderstanding. I found that within coaching, psychology and self-help there are literally hundreds of practices, models and theories.

I explored a significant number of them for myself and although I experienced improvements, breakthroughs and shifts, none of them was the real answer to what I was seeking.

The same went for my clients. I began coaching people in 2004 and it became my full time business in 2006. Even though I was helping people to accomplish their goals and many of them did spectacularly well, I also sensed that they, like me, were looking for something deeper. Something that they thought their accomplishments would give them.

I believe that what we are all ultimately look for are deeper feelings of inner peace, love, gratitude, connection and aliveness but we are so often looking for them in a place where we will never find them.

Then I got lucky!

I have always shared what I considered to be the most powerful and cutting-edge technologies available. For many years one of these was Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

However, in 2011 I was fortunate enough to come across a revolutionary and unique understanding of the mind, known as the Three Principles. I knew immediately that this was what I had been looking for.

This understanding produces an immediate rise in clarity of mind, feelings of well-being, resilience, creativity and ability to move through life with ease and grace.

The result for me personally is that I feel a sense of ease, flow and presence to my life that just wasn’t there before – and this is someone who practiced transcendental meditation twice a day for over 12 years!

My clients have found the same.

If my story resonates with you then I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to get in touch via the contact form or just email me john@dashfield.com