One to one coaching

One to one transformational coaching and mentoring programmes 

How much difference would it make to you to find that mental clarity, consistent high-performance and an absence of stress in your life is your ‘new normal’?

I coach and mentor business owners, key business people and success minded individuals to understand and utilise their most powerful asset – the infinite potential of the mind.

Many of my clients have already accomplished a great deal in life. You may have already built or be building a successful business or be in a demanding role.

After a working with many high-achieving people since 2004, I have seen that high stress levels, a lack of genuine contentment and a life out of balance is often accepted as being ‘part of the price’ of success.

In fact, I would say this is more the normal rather than the exceptional.

This situation makes absolute sense when we innocently misunderstand how life really works. But all this can change and rapidly…

With a new understanding genuine step-change this is not just possible; it is entirely expected.

You can achieve consistent high-performance whilst at the same time experiencing a deep sense of flow, inner peace and real contentment, that lasts.

Through our work together my clients naturally experience:

*Deeper and more fulfilling relationships, both professional and personal
*Communicating more authentically and powerfully
*Becoming more effective as a leader
*Accomplishing more of what really matters without an increase in time
*A significant reduction in stress, worry and unproductive thinking
*Presence and clarity of mind
*Greater intuition and creativity
*High levels resilience and ability to bounce-back quickly from set-backs
*Increasing confidence and feelings of well-being
*Solving problems with ease
*A richer, more rewarding and fulfilling life
*More joy, fun and laughter

Your programme

Programmes can range from a one off ‘intensive’ to 12 months plus.

Your programme is bespoke for you, your outcomes and where you are beginning from.

Sessions are usually conducted via telephone, Skype or Zoom. Face to face meetings can be arranged as part of a package, depending upon location.

The process begins with a conversation – contact me to schedule an initial meeting via the contact form or e-mail me at