Group coaching

In-house group coaching programmes

Do you lead a team?
Does the culture matter to you?
Would you like to experience the benefits of improved communication, a clear and consistent focus on results and an environment of collaboration?

Business improvement programmes, whether in sales, influence and negotiation, leadership, time management or any other number of areas focus upon a whole variety of factors…

Motivation, skills improvement, thinking styles, personality types, what to say and how to say it, what you should do or should not do…

On one level this all makes perfect sense.

But it is like trying to build a house without first laying down the foundations.

How many events and training days have you been to – or paid for – where trainers instruct you in new behaviours whilst you take notes and then rarely, if ever, even look at them again? Or you experience a spike in performance but it doesn’t last?

There is a very specific reason this happens and it is why our programmes focus upon something far more fundamental.

We know from personal experience and through observing others that people don’t perform well when they’re feeling stressed, over-burdened and frenetic.

If you look behind most organisational challenges, the root of the problem is typically in state of mind rather than external factors. But when people are clear-minded, at ease and fully-engaged, they become free to perform extremely well.

Why would this matter to you?

Progressive, forward-looking organisations need people who are in healthy, clear and present states of mind because there is direct and clear correlation between state of mind and the bottom line.

What do in-house and group coaching programmes consist of?

As with one to one programmes, group coaching sessions presents participants not with techniques, but with a new operating platform.

Instead of a cookie-cutter course, group coaching relates on a personal level to each participant. Each person will come away with a new understanding which has real, tangible and powerful impact.

Before delivering any programme it is important to get clear on the results you seek to accomplish, where you are now and what you see as potential obstacles and challenges.

This is an important part of the programme and where possible involves speaking with every participant ahead of delivery.
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