Who is John Dashfield and what do Dashfield Coaching and Development do?

John Dashfield is a transformative coach, writer and speaker who works with business owners, key people in small to medium sized businesses and individuals ready to live an inspired life.

He acts as a coach, catalyst, sounding board, mentor and friend to successful people who are ready to create more happiness, prosperity and make a bigger difference in the world.

My story

I founded Dashfield Coaching and Development Ltd in 2002, having spent the previous 16 years in Financial Services.

I’d started out in financial services in 1986 working as an employee for a large Australian life office and eventually joined their sales force as a self-employed consultant. Starting with nothing other than a desk, a phone and bundles of enthusiasm I (somehow!) established myself as a successful and award winning agent before forming my own independent company.

I loved the fact that I’d gone from being employed to creating my own business (which was a goal I’d set a few years previously). But after several years had passed and even though the business was doing fine financially, I realised that it wasn’t what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Something I find fascinating is that it was within a few months of learning and practicing Transcendental Meditation in 2001 (which I still practice today) I decided to leave the Financial Services Business. Maybe it was that I began to relax more about life and let go of what I thought I ‘should’ be doing. Maybe I opened up to the possibility of doing what I really wanted to be doing (even though I didn’t know what that was).

Whatever the reason what happened was that people and opportunities started coming into my life that seemed to be pointing the way. I discovered that coaching was what I wanted to do. In a way it found me.

What is my approach?

People have asked me “Which coaching system do you use?” I reply “You are my system!”

Every person I work with is unique and, therefore, each conversation is truly unique. I don’t come from the perspective that anything is broken or needs fixing. I believe that every human being possesses an innate wisdom and well-being because that’s what we came in with.

But what can get in the way is our thinking.

By reconnecting with your innate well-being you begin to see what’s really possible for you and your life and the transformations can be truly remarkable.

What’s my vision?

My vision is to continue to grow and evolve into my own wisdom. Right now, this involves making a bigger difference in the world by working with clients I truly connect with.

Beyond my one to one work I create products to make my ideas more accessible and provide inspiration. I love to write and speak.

I co-created Dashfield the Cat, which is the very first self-help art phone app. Dashfield provides an inspiring daily message delivered in a totally unique way.

I am fortunate to experience a rich personal life and love spending time with my family, keeping fit and healthy and engaging in my passion for fishing. I have practiced Transcendental Mediation since 2001 and for the last 10 years I’ve been involved with Action for Children and Barnardo’s for whom I mentor young people.